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In the past fifteen years, a Vintage Iron restoration has become the standard of the industry for one basic reason: Attention to detail.
Our approach is one of totality. We completely dismantle each machine down to the very last washer and during that process we clean, inspect and noodle over every part. We don’t have a production line approach where the bikes are simply appliances and we don’t do restorations as a hobby, a little here and a little there. We also tailor our restorations towards the intended use of the machine, be it racing or display only.

This is our profession and we think we are pretty darn good at it but what is more important is what our customers, concours judges and the press think of our work. Our restorations have graced the halls of New York’s Guggenhiem Museum, The Primm MX Collection, Del Mar Concours, countless magazines around the world and many other prestigious venues. What gives us the most satisfaction though is seeing our customer’s faces when the come to pick up their new jewels. If you have a bike you are thinking about having us restore. simply call (714. 694-0066) or e-mail ( and we will be glad to discuss the project with you and forward you photos of similar models we have restored in the past. From AJS to Zundapps, we have done virtual everything in between.

We are not the cheapest restoration company nor would you want us to be. The value is in our quality. Our pricing structure has remained fairly constant for the past 15 years and during that time our restoration studios have completed over 300 motorcycles from motocross bikes to street bikes to road racers and everything in between. We do all brands all the time and because of that fact we have a very steady flow of work. Does that mean you will have to wait in line for years? No, because we are expeditious about our work and would not be able to stay in business if we took a year or two to restore a bike. We start the job and stay on the job until it is done.

The average project duration is approximately 30-45 days.

Average total restoration details:

  • Labor – 70 hours X $50. per hour = $3500.00
  • Average parts included $1800.00 - $2500.00
  • Outside Services (See four P’s) $1000.00
  • Average Restoration cost $6K-$7K

* Four P’s - Powder coating, Painting, Polishing and Plating (zinc and chrome)

Four strokes, street bikes and custom projects have higher average costs.

Partial Restoration Service
Like to work on your own bikes but want some help? We will also do parts of your restoration like engine rebuilding, wheel lacing, seat restoration, metal polishing, painting etc… Whatever you do or can't do, we will and you don't have to tell anyone we helped.

What won’t we do?
A half assed job. If it is going to be a Vintage Iron restoration it is going to be done complete and done right. There are plenty of other guys out there willing to do the cosmetic make overs that look great on ebay but not so great in your garage. We'll leave the rattle can restos to them.

Please feel free to give Rick Doughty a call to discuss your project today.
714. 694-0066


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